Woman Decided To Shave Legs In Public Swimming Pool. Social Network Users Are Outraged!

Date June 5, 2018

With another page of a calendar turned, it is finally warm enough, and the beaches are once again becoming filled with people. Those who don’t have a chance to go to a river or lake, there is a public swimming pool for recreation. They can swim and sunbathe there as well.

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One woman from Florida thought it’d be a good idea to mix pleasure with business: a swimming pool and a beauty procedure, namely shaving her legs. This behavior staggered girls resting nearby. They filmed and posted this on the Internet, which brought an avalanche of comments of discontent.

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"I used to work at a public swimming pool and there always were people like this", "There are children swimming there!", "I used to be a lifeguard and thought I`ve seen everything, and then I saw this", "Where were the security? She should have been expelled for this" – the Internet users condemned the woman.

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There were people trying to take her side: "Shaving is not the worst there could be. Relax". Some users didn’t believe it was real and assumed it was staged.

The rules of public swimming pools state that one should take a shower before going in and forbid spitting and urinating in the water. There isn’t anything about shaving one’s legs, that’s why the woman took it upon herself to exploit this omission.

Just imagine: you and your children are swimming in a pool, while somebody next to you is shaving in the water. When resting in public places, one must consider other people. Share your opinion about this lady’s behavior! 

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