Hapless Thief Stole From A Funeral Home, But Justice Has Been Served!

Date July 18, 2018 16:31

How many times have you laughed over epic criminal fails? There are hundreds or even thousands of such stories. For example, take Dog Day Afternoon, a movie with Al Pacino and John Cazale. The robbery goes wrong when they discover there's no money in the bank. Then things get worse when they get trapped in the bank, surrounded by the police and reporters. By the way, the movie was based on actual events. Do you want to hear another story of a thief who didn’t get lucky?

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It happened in April of 2016, in Odessa, Texas. An old lady named Lois Hicks passed away at the age of 88, and it was time for her family to say last goodbyes at a funeral home. 

In the afternoon of that day, a woman asked security to let her use a bathroom at the funeral home. But instead of going to the restroom, she headed directly to Lois. When there was no one around, the woman stole a ring right from Lois’ finger! After this, she ran outside and drove away in her car.

15 minutes later, Lois’ daughter returned to the room and noticed that the ring was gone! She couldn’t believe anyone was capable of something so despicable.

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All of Lois’ family was hoping the criminal would be caught. Fortunately, the shocking incident was captured by a hidden camera at the funeral home. In a few days, the police arrested the 41-year-old thief.

The justice has been served. But this is not the whole story.

The punchline is that it wasn’t a diamond ring that the thief took. It was a plastic $10 fake!

Associated Press / YouTube

In addition to being caught red-handed on such an appalling crime, she stole a worthless trinket. Maybe, one day there will be a movie based on this story, or at least, a comedy sketch. Do you know other stories like this?

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