Boy From The USA Sent Charity To Philippines, Years Later It Changed His Life

Date June 19, 2018

In school, most of us had to write essays on a topic, like 'kindness returns'. Everybody could express what it meant to them and provide personal examples. So, probably you know a lot of such stories.

Here is a story that really stands out. It could be turned into a full-length movie. Read and share if you agree or not.

In 2000, a 7-year-old boy from the USA sent charity to the Philippines. He put some stationery, toys, gifts, and a letter with his photo.

Tyrel grew up and forgot about it. In 2009, some Joana Marchan wrote him on Facebook. He didn’t reply, as she was a stranger. In two years, she has sent him another friend request. This time the young man was curious.

Joana told him about the shoebox gift he once sent. And that she wrote back to him, but the letter got lost in the mail. So she wanted to thank him again.

The young people started to text and discovered that they had a lot in common. In a year, Tyrel went to Manila earning some money as a builder. It was his first trip abroad, and he was very anxious. Joana met him at the airport and they fell in love at first sight.

The girl’s relatives lived in a tiny house. Tyrel was shocked that 8 people had to sleep together on the floor. He left in 10 days and promised to do whatever it would take to return.

He kept his promise. The next time, Tyrel stayed for a month and proposed to the girl. His mother was initially against the wedding as they were too young. But Tyrel’s father helped to convince her.

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The wedding took place at the Wolfe’s ranch. Tyrel wore barong — a traditional shirt worn by Filipino grooms, and the bride was in a white dress and a garland of flowers. Sadly, Marchan’s parents couldn’t get a visa to attend the wedding, so the couple planned to repeat the ceremony in the Philippines.

Recently they’ve had a baby.  

What a cute little one!

So, that’s the story of a little boy who sent a charity parcel and found the love of his life. Wonderful, isn’t it?

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