This Mug Was In The Auschwitz Museum For 70 Years. A Treasure, Hidden In Its Double Bottom, Was Discovered.


May 8, 2018 14:24 By Fabiosa

Death camps were a tragedy for the humanity, which shows how far violence can go. Auschwitz is considered to be one of the largest "death factories". Now, there is a museum. It is not merely exhibited but is more of a memory and a gruesome warning for future generations.

Recently, a curious item was discovered in the Auschwitz Museum – an enameled mug. It looked the same as thousands of others, except that it had a double bottom. 

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Hanna Kubik of the Memorial Collections said:

During the works to secure the enameled kitchenware located at the main exhibition, it turned out that one of the mugs had a double bottom. It was very well hidden, however, due to the passage of time, the materials underwent gradual degradation, and the second bottom separated from the mug,

There was a treasure hidden in the mug.

There were a women’s ring and a necklace under the bottom. They have properties of gold 583 produced in Poland in the years 1921-1931. It also had a stamp in the form of a Knight’s head with number 3.

When people were forced to death camps, they were lied to about being deported. They were told about resettlement, work, and a new life ahead of them. The victims were allowed to take little luggage with them. Why? In this way, the Germans found valuables in the luggage and took them. But the double bottom mug was over their heads.

Perhaps, people hid treasures expecting to get robbed. But, by taking the valuables with them, they demonstrated hope to use these items in the future. This ring and the necklace became a symbol of hope for the future, which was never meant to be for so many...

If you find this story moving, share it with friends. There must be no place for such violence. We mustn’t allow it! 

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