"Big Win": Couple Found A Box Full Of Cash In Their Basement. Now They Don't Need To Worry About Mortgage!

Date July 11, 2019 09:50

Sometimes, life brings you nice surprises that seem more like a plot from an adventure movie than real life.

New owners of old houses often secretly dream of finding a treasure chest somewhere in the attic or basement. Well, this is exactly what happened to a couple from the USA who wished to stay anonymous.

A user of social media Imgur nicknamed branik12 told the story of the amazing discovery.

The man shared that he and his family live in a house built in the 40s that they bought a few years ago. The owners had already done the renovation on the first and second floors, when they started tidying up the basement.

When the man was removing the old ceiling, he discovered a small green suitcase in one of the niches.

branik12 called his wife straight away and together they started examining the discovery. At first, the couple thought there were old papers, letters, or photos hidden inside. Well, there really was a newspaper, namely Cleveland Plain Dealer dated 25 March 1951.

Apart from that, they found a few bundles. When the house owners opened them, they were utterly speechless. One of them contained a stack of $20 bills inside, another — $50 bills, and the third one — $100 notes.

But it wasn't the end of the story. A week later, branik12 found another box in the same basement. The second "jackpot" was even more massive — it had notes to the sum of $45,000!

Having sorted out all the legal and financial aspects, the couple deposited the money into their bank account and paid off the mortgage.

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