No Tattoos Allowed: Bride Baffled Her Groom's Friend With Unrealistic Dress Code For Her "Perfect" Wedding

Date July 12, 2019

When people are planning their wedding, they want to make it the very best; they want everyone to gasp and remember it for years to come! That's why they carefully think through all the details, including the guests' appearance. And in this matter, it's important to take into account the interests of both organizers and the invited, without crossing the line – as it happened with Jenny (all names have been changed as per the author's request.)

Jenny's friend, Arnold, was preparing for his wedding and invited her to the ceremony. His bride-to-be wanted to have a perfect wedding, so she took the guests' appearance very seriously. Jenny's tattoos and blue hair color didn't fit into this concept, so she was asked to do something about it.

For example, use makeup products to cover up the tattoos or hide them under a long-sleeved dress, and dye her hair into a more natural color.

Jenny was taken aback by such demands, but she politely replied that it's difficult to do as it requires quite a lot of expenses. The bride wouldn't back down and threatened to not let the girl come to the wedding if she didn't fulfill the conditions.

Jenny was so outraged by this situation that she shared it on a Facebook public page. Users supported her, saying that such requirements for the guests are inappropriate and no bride is supposed to act this way.

Katheline Benjamin:

Holy hell, this bride is a nightmare. What a selfish scu#S@%! It is not just "her" day, it's the couple's day.

Hannah Quenemoen:

That woman is not going to have the perfect day no matter what

Alexandra James:

She's a b***h, if he's in agreement with her then he's not really your friend. Honestly I wouldn't go

What would you do in Jenny's place?