Unibrow Is Still A Thing, But It's Not Just A Trend, It's A Full-On Movement To Challenge Beauty Stereotypes

Date July 10, 2019 09:53

Modern fashion is diverse. While a few years ago hairy armpits and excess weight were considered something to be ashamed of, now there are quite a few models and influencers who promote being offbeat and different.

A few years ago, Instagram was taken over by Sophia Hadjipanteli when she posted a selfie with her so-called unibrow.

Sophia had no idea whatsoever that she will become the founder of a whole movement!

Some people are under the impression that Sophia is an attention-seeker. But the truth is somewhat different. Sophia has Greek roots; her father comes from Cyprus. Sophia says that there are a lot of overly hairy people there.

For as long as she can remember, Sophia has always had joined eyebrows and she suffered constant taunts for that. It went as far as crying or eating her lunch in the bathroom. Sophia became the founder of a movement whose main purpose is to show people that there's nothing wrong with being different.

And, as it turned out, there were quite a few people willing to support her! People from all around the world started shamelessly showing pictures of themselves with unibrows.

Girls started accepting themselves the way they are. Some people are tired of the gender stereotypes like that a girl should be well-groomed from head to toe. They quit plucking their eyebrows and love themselves in any way!

Sophia does not urge people to instantly get unibrows. Her message is that you should accept yourselves the way you are! You don't need to hide, use lots of filters, and retouch your pictures. You are beautiful just the way you are!

What do you think about this unusual movement? Should you get rid of "flaws" or come to terms with them?