Full Hips Are A Merit: Types Of Clothes For Pear-Shaped Women

Date July 12, 2019

No doubt, full hips are any woman’s merit. In addition to the fact that curves look very feminine, scientists have proven that the hips are men magnets! It turns out that it’s programmed by nature itself: men subconsciously perceive a curvy woman as a perfect partner for procreation. It sends them a clear signal that this female can carry and birth healthy children.

Full Hips Are A Merit: Types Of Clothes For Pear-Shaped WomenDream Perfection /

Don’t forget that you can make any figure work either to your advantage or hopelessly ruin it with improperly chosen clothes.

What should ladies with curvaceous hips wear?

1. Wrap dress

This style of dresses looks good because it makes the waist appear narrower and hides the hips under a skirt.

2. Long cardigan

Elongated sweaters, cardigans, and jackets will hide the hips, lengthen the silhouette, and turn you into a petite twiggy.

3. High-waist dress

Again, the main emphasis is on the waist and chest. This way, we shift attention from the problem area and visually make it less conspicuous.

4. Vertical stripes

This is a classic solution! Everyone knows that the vertical stripe slims down and balances the silhouette, and the horizontal stripe adds a couple of pounds. Just don’t confuse them!

5. Shirts: elongated and standard cut

The photo above puts everything in its place. On the left, we see the hips and tummy. Switch the shirt for a flying long blouse and underline the waist with a belt, and the problem areas disappear!

6. Knee-length A-line skirt

The same principle as the wrap dress is at work. The waist is emphasized and the hips are hidden – perfect!

7. Trench coat

The ideal length for a trench coat is just below the knee. A shorter one may emphasize the hips.

8. Wide pants and culottes

It is advised for full-hipped ladies to abandon skinny pants altogether. The good news is they are out of fashion. What to replace them with? Culottes or wide pants. They elongate the silhouette and visually take away some volume in the hips.

Curvaceous hips are a merit that needs skillful emphasis! We hope our advice gave you some ideas on how to diversify your wardrobe.