Zodiac Women Who Attract Bad Guys Like A Magnet

Date July 15, 2019 17:04

At the beginning of a relationship, lovebirds look at each other through rose-tinted lenses and each partner wants to appear perfect to the other. But often, once a man feels secure, he starts showing his true face and simply turns out to be a sleazebag.

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Who are these scoundrels in disguise?

Many people don’t take astrology as an exact science, yet it offers an explanation for some behavioral patterns. It is widely believed that male representatives of these 3 signs break ladies’ hearts most often.

1. Aries

Aries men are born leaders. Their dominant trait is egocentrism, and fits of aggression can be frightening. They don’t mince words and don’t think about how much they can hurt. Their straightforwardness makes them somewhat tough, and over time it may seem that they’ve stopped taking the feelings of their partners into consideration altogether.

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2. Aquarius

A male Aquarius is irresistibly charming. He is intelligent, well-read, easy-going, and ready for any adventure, except for one thing – he won't sacrifice his own freedom. It is normal for him to disappear when he gets bored with a relationship, and to return to have a good time. A future beside him may seem bright and beautiful, but it’s against his nature to get attached.

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3. Gemini

It is very hard to build relationships with Gemini men as they don’t fully understand whether they need this commitment themselves. Their words are sweet, but more often than not, men born under this sign act in their own interests. They can get tired of a woman. Besides, they are used to constant change.

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Which beautiful ladies are at risk?

Generally, it is overly sensitive or naïve women who meet one swine after another. Often, these unfortunate ladies are born under one of the following signs.

1. Cancer

A Cancerian woman wants to find love and a family. She is trustful and is ready to give much more than she gets. She doesn’t see her partner’s flaws, as long as she feels his support and protection. She doesn’t always understand the line between care and control, and doesn’t know when to say “no.” She's reluctant to break a relationship, even with a sleazebag, hoping that it will get better. Sometimes, however, she does manage to find a replacement.

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2. Virgo

Despite being extraordinarily intelligent and farsighted, Virgo women are quite easy to manipulate. They love praise, and scoundrels are often exceptional in flattery too. Virgos learn from their mistakes, but bad guys beckon them like a magnet. Before they consider a relationship serious, they carefully think it through and don’t rush into any decisions. Virgo women often fall for unworthy people – first, they get used to them and then suffer.

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3. Capricorn

If a scoundrel is intelligent and has a good sense of humor, even a rational Capricorn woman won’t immediately see his true nature. Her partner should be interesting and optimistic, and the relationship fairly even with occasional loud scandals. Capricorn women don’t think that they're rather unlucky with men because they believe that they are loved.

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Any woman can come across a sleazebag – the main thing is to suss him out him in time, say goodbye, and learn from the negative experience. What do you think about the opinion of astrologers? Perhaps you know representatives of other signs who attract bad guys like a magnet?

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