Girl Has Lived In A Wheelchair Since 2, But She Learned To Help Herself And See Her World Positively

Date July 11, 2019 18:05

Every person wants to have a happy and joyful life. However, sometimes physical abilities and health conditions make adjustments to the process of achieving life goals. For example, people may be limited in movement due to foot problems, but they find a way to overcome this obstacle, making any success even more valuable.

Justawheelchairgirl is a popular Instagram blogger. One can be surprised with her unusual status – a woman with muscular dystrophy who wants to get the most out of life – but once you check out her pictures, you will understand how strong and determined this girl truly is.

She travels in a wheelchair wherever she goes because her illness is associated with progressive weakness and loss of muscle mass. Apart from that, the girl also has lung problems.

The determined blogger got her first wheelchair when she was 2 years old. During all these long years, she learned perfectly well how to help herself in any situation.

Every day is filled with dozens of moments: family, friends, leisure, pets, physiotherapy, a bit of work, and so on. She tries to live actively like most people.

Of course, the life of a girl in a wheelchair can’t be called simple, and you will admire her positive mindset because in her case, in order to be happy, she needs tremendous willpower.

But what about the people who can move without problems? Don’t they need that same willpower too? Share your opinions in the comments.