Long Road To Self-Acceptance: Thickened Skin Doesn’t Stop The Girl From Happiness

Date July 10, 2019 17:14

A woman that doesn’t give up in the face of life difficulties is a Woman with a capital letter. And such a rare autoimmune disease as scleroderma, is a difficult test for a young girl who wants to live long, be beautiful, and have children.

Long Road To Self-Acceptance: Thickened Skin Doesn’t Stop The Girl From Happiness

Scleroderma provokes the hardening of the soft tissues, causing swelling of the tips of the fingers, changing the skin color, and drying the flesh. Under the influence of this disease, a person slowly turns into a mummy, unable to stop this process. The development of scleroderma can only be slowed down, but a wheelchair will eventually await a person with this condition.

Long Road To Self-Acceptance: Thickened Skin Doesn’t Stop The Girl From HappinessNumstocker /

Young and beautiful Farah Khaleck from Nairobi became a victim of this disease.

She wasn’t immediately born with the ailment – the disease struck the Kenyan over several years, robbing her of her fingers' extremities, hair, and lips. It all started with chronic fatigue and the inability to walk for a long time. After that, the girl began to lose weight rapidly and literally “withered.”

Take a look at her cheerful gaze!

Having faced rejection, aggression, and intolerance outside her house and in social networks, Farah firmly decided she would show how to believe in yourself, despite external flaws, by her own example. She wanted to inspire girls around the world to love yourself.

When you look in the mirror, know that there’s no one like YOU!

This strong girl is philosophical about the hateful comments in social networks, although she still wonders a person can throw out negativity on others without knowing anything about them, their situation, and position. She feels really beautiful when she wears her hijab.

Farah’s shelves are full of various cosmetics. Despite all the inconveniences, the girl learned to make up herself. Her eyeliner wings are perfect while her shadows are always unique and amazing. Apparently, someone once told this wise girl that the desire to be beautiful doesn’t depend on the opinions of others, and she took this lesson to heart.

Farah is often interviewed by the world's largest television channels, and just ordinary girls who wonder how she could overcome her fear and not hate herself after what life has handed her. The girl replies that she has come a long way to accepting herself before becoming who she is now.

Check out her story in this video.

She prays endlessly and wears the hijab, takes pictures with people on the street, gives motivational speeches to female audiences, and spreads life-affirming posts with the #inspirelife hashtag.

Her willpower, faith, and endurance are amazing! Today, she has almost 17K subscribers on her Instagram, and we hope that this figure will only grow.