Psychological Test: Which Of The Girls Feels Insecure?

Date July 11, 2019 14:36

Over the years, we learn the skills of self-control so well that we soon acquire the ability to hide our feelings from others. We may seem outwardly calm, all the while experiencing a storm in the depths of our souls, and others often don’t even guess it. Perhaps the only thing that can give us away is involuntary gestures. At the same time, people who know how to “read” these hints won’t find it difficult to understand your true feelings.

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Sometimes, even those people who we are used to seeing balanced and self-sufficient are experiencing uncertainty. Doubt and hesitation are common feelings, but we usually don’t want to show them. On the other hand, while we are thinking and contemplating, our listeners may get annoyed, demanding an immediate response, not realizing that it’s not easy for an unconfident person to give one. Today, we want to offer you a psychological test to check your ability to read others.

Here are 3 beautiful girls, but only one of them is severely doubting. Who is she?

Psychological Test: Which Of The Girls Feels Insecure?

The correct answer is the woman who's nibbling on a pen. This gesture can be compared to stroking the chin – another, yet more popular, sign of hesitation. A thing in the mouth is her way to win extra time to think, as instructed by rules of etiquette. We all know that it’s impolite to speak while eating, so in our case, the role of food was given to a pen.

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Although there can be many reasons for hesitation, there are usually 3 reasons for genuine insecurity.

1. Social anxiety

Many of us feel uncomfortable in different situations: being surrounded by strangers, partaking in public speaking, or just being in an awkward position. Uncertainty causes embarrassment and fear that we may be misunderstood.

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2. Negative experience

A person’s mood and self-esteem are strongly influenced by events with a negative outcome. For example, if a person has failed in relationships twice or has been underestimated as a specialist, he will most likely not take the initiative for the third time, trying to prevent a bad result.

3. Internal perfectionism

Perfectionists are considered to be annoyingly meticulous. They tend to spend a lot of time on achieving the most insignificant goal, being sure to make it perfect. Actually, they are usually just disappointed with the results and lose self-confidence.

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If you know you are a constantly doubting person, there is a simple algorithm that will help you cope with hesitation and improve your self-esteem.

  1. Identify the triggers that make you feel insecure.

  2. Try to evaluate such situations objectively.

  3. Remember your victories when you feel the fear of failure.

  4. Don’t exaggerate the consequences of your actions and decisions.

  5. Encourage and give compliments to yourself.

  6. Say yes to others more often.

  7. Don’t pay much attention to your inner critic.

  8. Be more spontaneous and impulsive.

  9. Stop comparing yourself to others.

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Self-doubtful people often underestimate their own potential and ultimately regret the things they didn’t say or do. The habit of trusting yourself and your instincts can’t be developed instantly. But if you don’t do it gradually, you will continue wasting an enormous amount of time on constant hesitation.

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