Man Breaks Up With Girlfriend Over The Phone 2 Days After The Premature Birth Of Their Son. Now He Regrets It!

Date May 27, 2019

Men leave their families for various reasons. Often times for a different, usually younger, woman, though once in a while, unfaithful husbands come to realize their mistakes. Some of them just can't man-up to new responsibilities, instead choosing to break up with their wife immediately after giving birth to quintuplets. Not every man regrets his decision, but the ex-boyfriend of the hero of our story surely will. 

Lisa Burling was broken up with rather cynically: over the phone, just two days after giving birth to her and her partner's premature son. Not long before, she had given up a great job in order to stay home and take care of their children. In an instant, she became an unemployed single mother of two children under 3 years old – one of which was clinging desperately to life. 

When it sunk in that what had happened was her new reality, Burling jumped at the opportunity to fulfil her life-long dream of having a successful career. She didn't feel burdened by motherhood or domestic duties, but from time to time, she felt there was more – that she could do more. That was in 2013. 

After surviving on casual earnings, she decided to put everything behind her and try to make a new future for herself. When she wasn't looking after the children, Lisa found projects in PR, which literally took place in her own kitchen. Fast forward half a year and she was already managing a small team. It took that same amount of time to be able to move into a comfortable office, establish a clientele, and get work all over Austrailia as a PR consultant (a primarily female company specialized in helping small businesses).


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In the span of a year, Lisa had transformed herself from a heartbroken single mother into a successful businesswoman with a stable income. She moved into her own house and kept on working, never regretting the sleepless nights once spent in that tiny kitchen. Burling has received many prestigious awards, achieved her professional goals, and provided a decent future for her sons.

Knowing that many women in a similar situation may want to throw their hands up in defeat, Lisa decided to share her story in the biographical book Dream A Little Dream. In the book, she speaks honestly about her tragedy and how she chose to change her life for the better by going after her dreams. 


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Just imagine that at one time this beautiful stylish woman was a desperate, jobless mother with two babies on her hips. Difficult enough, isn't it? But Lisa was sure of one thing: it's never too early or too late to take baby steps towards the life of your dreams; the best time to start is right now.