5-Year-Old Got Badly Injured While Playing In The Pool. 10 Years Later, Makeup Helps Her Forget The Pain!

Date June 11, 2019 11:39

Parents often warn their children about dangers. They mostly teach them that they mustn't speak and interact with strangers, should cross the road carefully, and shouldn't eat too many sweets. But, in reality, there are some dangerous things in the world that even parents don't know about. Even doctors couldn't believe the terrible thing that happened to Salma. Be very cautious and careful!

‎Salma Bashir‎'s story

When Salma was just 5 years old, she was playing in a kids' swimming pool. The girl sat down on a suction valve. It was so powerful that her internal organs got badly damaged, particularly, her intestines. The doctors' prognoses were discouraging, but Salma's family decided not to give up. They traveled from Egypt to the USA where the girl got a transplant 1.5 years later.

Unfortunately, her body rejected the small intestine.

It's been 10 years since the tragedy, but Salma still can't eat and only receives nutrients through a feeding tube.

Now Salma is hoping to get a new transplant by raising money on Gofundme. Doctors informed her that she needs to get 5 organs transplanted, which will cost a staggering $3 million.

Although the amount seems exorbitant, Salma is not giving up. She believes in a brighter future!

By the way, the girl is really into makeup. It helps her to temporarily forget about the pain and discomfort.

Salma records makeup tutorials and posts it on her Facebook page. She currently has 58 000 followers.

The holiday season has just started. Warn your friends who are going on holiday with children about the possible danger!