Chills Down The Spine! Girl Posted CCTV Camera Footage Of A Creepy Unidentified Creature Outside Her House At Night

Date June 13, 2019 09:49

All things unusual and mysterious has always drawn people's attention. It is in human nature to be curious about things that are hidden and unknown – we want to lift the veil. For example, the legend of Loch Ness Monster in Scotland has been around for many centuries. Funny enough, even though it's already been proven that it's just a fairy tale creature, there are still people who believe in its existence. Moreover, some scientists are still searching for it!


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The other day, a video posted on Facebook by Vivian Gomez made quite a fuss. Over 4 days it garnered over 9 million views and 140,000 people shared it on their pages. And it's not surprising because the video is truly unique and even scary!

Vivian usually goes to bed early, but that day she woke up at 9:59 pm. She checked the CCTV camera for outside surveillance and it left her speechless. First, she saw a shadow approaching her house and then a weird creature appeared before the camera. It walked through her yard in a strange way. Surprisingly, according to Vivian, two other cameras didn't record the creature.

Much like Vivian herself, internet users got really scared:

Comments about aliens were also there:

And many people thought that the creature resembled Dobby from Harry Potter:

Vivian didn't manage to figure out what it was. But let's hope that she will share the information with people when she succeeds in clearing everything up.

What do you think that creature was? You must agree, it looks kind of creepy.