Guy On Tinder Made Fun Of A Girl's Dress. ASOS Got Back At Him By Placing Her Pic On Their Website


May 9, 2019 18:20 By Fabiosa

Meeting people on a dating website is quite a toss-up. You never know how your first date with a guy from a social network or popular app is going to turn out.

Take for instance Amy Bottrill from London who once had dinner with a guy. And six months after the date he showed up to express his grievances!

Another British woman, Kimberley Latham-Hawkesford, received a list of tips on "improving" her looks and behavior 3 months after dining with a man.

The heroine of our story today has also been rather unlucky with a man.


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20-year-old student Thea Chippendale met a guy named George on Tinder. However, instead of usual chatting, the user instantly went on to criticize the girl's dress, comparing it to a "charity shop" item.


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While Thea was utterly confused by such rude and inappropriate behavior, the story had an unexpected twist. ASOS online store, where the girl bought the dress, placed the girl's picture on the product's page of their website to spite George.

Thousands of Twitter users have also supported Thea. In the comment section beneath the post, they flooded both the girl and the dress with compliments, as well as suggested ASOS make Chippendale their model officially.

Thea had the last laugh in this story and we couldn't be happier. Have you ever been faced with rude and ill-mannered people on dating websites? Tell us about it in the comments below!