Instagram Trend "Toilet Paper Lip Art" Looks Stylish, Doesn't It?

Date June 13, 2019

Instagram is a place where trends are created almost every day. Nail artists stick figurines of women in labor to their clients' nails, makeup artists draw wide unibrows, and hair removal specialists shave the hair so that true works of art are left behind. Yet, we managed to find a trend capable of surprising you. Toilet paper lip art is one of the most unusual makeup techniques. But it looks good, doesn't it?

Toilet paper lip art

Greta Agazzi from Milan was one of the first people to bring to life the idea of sticking toilet paper to the lips.


Публикация от Greta Agazzi (@greta_ag)

Her works are so creative that they instantly went viral.


Публикация от Greta Agazzi (@greta_ag)

Most likely, you wouldn't even think that toilet paper was used in this makeup look.


Публикация от Greta Agazzi (@greta_ag)

Testing the beauty trend

YouTube vlogger Safiya Nygaard from Los Angeles and her friend decided to try this trend out for size!

Of course, their work didn't turn out as masterful as those of Greta.

Afterwards, they came out to the streets and asked people whether they liked their lips with toilet paper stuck to them.

Here's how people reacted:

It's unique and interesting!

I think it could be a trend if somebody found a way to, like, apply it better... or if Rihanna wore it!

I wouldn't go out in that!

Then one of the girls checked how it feels to kiss with the toilet paper on your lips!

How do you like such a trend? Would you like to try it on? Or is it only fit for Halloween?