Lingerie Model Insists: "Most Men Want A Plus-Sized Babe"

Date May 21, 2019

Kate-Moss-style models are out of fashion. Plus-size fashion model Leah Stanley asserts that most men prefer girls with her body type.

Leah Stanley as a role model in self-love

Leah Stanley lives in New York. She was born in a family where she was the fullest one of the four sisters. She has been faced with people judging her body since early childhood. But now, the times have changed and she asserts that most guys want to date a plus-size girl.

A lot of guys want a plus-size babe - and if they say they don't, they probably secretly do.

When Leah became a model, it boosted her confidence. She used to hide some parts of her body, but now she feels free to show them. The girl has an Instagram account that has 129,000 followers, where she inspires people and encourages them to accept their bodies and love themselves.

Fans write really nice compliments to the girl.


Wish you were here next 2 me gorgeous XX


u so cuute!!


"Jackpot"! I think I'm in love!

Although, as usual, there are haters who say that her body is promoting an unhealthy lifestyle, Leah doesn't care about them.

Live life because we only get one.

Stanley wants to inspire people to discover their true selves. Are you ready for that?