No-Makeup Look Is Sometimes Far Better: 7 Celebs Who Proved That

Date April 3, 2019 15:43

Kempt and pretty appearance even without makeup, first of all, involves huge work on yourself and self-control instead of genetics, as many people are led to believe. One needs to eat well, pick the right skin care products and, most importantly, stay healthy so that your skin glows at any age, with or without makeup.

Celebrity beauties without makeup

These celebrity beauties' pictures with no makeup inspire and make us believe that sometimes women can look even better without makeup than otherwise!

1. Salma Hayek

6. Cindy Crawford

7. Beyoncé



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So, have you made sure that you can look great even without makeup? We present you a compilation of tips to help you keep your skin healthy, radiant, and looking fresh:

  1. Always remove your makeup before sleep; let your skin rest overnight.
  2. Before going out, especially on a bright sunny day, make sure you apply sunscreen with SPF (minimum 15).
  3. Your diet should contain a lot of fruit, vegetables, herbs, plus foods high in protein and low in fats and sugar.
  4. Be sure to get regular exercise (for example, gyming, sport, or walks) to improve blood circulation.
  5. Get enough sleep at night.
  6. Drink a sufficient amount of water, a minimum of 8 glasses a day.
  7. Wash your face with rose water or cooled green tea.
  8. Make DIY masks from natural ingredients.
  9. Find the right facial exercises and do them regularly.

Simple tips, right? If you follow them regularly, your skin will become flawless and you will be able to show your face without makeup just as freely as the celebrity beauties!

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