No Need To Feel Insecure! 3 Female "Flaws" That Men Actually Like

Date March 21, 2019 15:52

We, females, often have a misconception that men only love women who have 90-60-90 body measurements. This creates tons of issues and insecurities in us. Undoubtedly, you can and should fight the flaws you don't like in yourself. However, before you do, you need to realize the following: you are already beautiful!

No Need To Feel Insecure! 3 Female "Flaws" That Men Actually Likemichaeljung /

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Just remember famous women whose figures are far from model parameters. Aren't Ashley Graham, Beyoncé, or Rihanna well-liked by men?

We are going to tell you about three female "flaws" that men like. Many don't notice them at all!

1. Tummy

No Need To Feel Insecure! 3 Female "Flaws" That Men Actually LikeGetty Images / Ideal Image

It's been more than 18 years since renowned Hollywood hunk, Pierce Brosnan, married Keely Shaye Smith. What's curious is that at the beginning of their relationship, she was slender, but she has gained weight over the years. Her six-pack has disappeared and her thighs became curvier. As we can see, Pierce isn't bothered at all! The spouses are just as happy in the picture as they were many years ago.

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2. Small breasts

No Need To Feel Insecure! 3 Female "Flaws" That Men Actually LikeGuitarist Benji Madden and actress Cameron Diaz attend House of HarlowGetty Images / Ideal Image

Nowadays, any imperfections can be corrected with the help of plastic surgeons. One of the most popular operations is breast enlargement surgery, but not all women rush into getting it done. And rightly so! For instance, Cameron Diaz has a miniature bust; however, has it ever been a reason for men not to woo her? Quite the contrary, Diaz has tons of admirers and now she is happily married to Benji Madden, the lead singer of the band Good Charlotte.

3. Thick thighs

Despite the fact that thick thighs have recently become a true trend, men didn't see anything bad about them many years ago either. Moreover, according to a study, curvy girls attract men like magnets and hourglass body shape activates the reward center of the brain.

Own up, do you have any of the insecurities listed above? Perhaps you've managed to overcome it successfully? We are waiting for your comments!

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