Perceptiveness Check: What's Wrong With This Cute Pic Of A Mother And Her Baby?

Date July 17, 2019 10:14

We are often so deep in our thoughts, buried under problems, that we often don't pay attention to the things around us or simply don't think they matter. Although, being attentive to details is quite a useful quality nowadays.

Perceptiveness Check: What's Wrong With This Cute Pic Of A Mother And Her Baby? /

It might not only come in handy at work, but also help you make strange and amazing discoveries.

For instance, a girl named Aaryn Whitley noticed that almost all women have a freckle in the middle of their wrists. And she shared her observations on Twitter.

When her followers started to check this theory, it turned out that, indeed, nearly one in two girls had one!

And here's another social media user who got into a funny situation because of her followers' eagle eyes.

Model and blogger Emilee Hembrow shared an adorable picture on her Instagram page where she's holding her baby son Gabriel. The girl's followers absolutely loved the cute shot and showered them both with compliments, but a few people noticed one weird detail in the photo.

We offer you to check your attentiveness. What's wrong with this photo?

You can't really notice it at first, yet, there was something that confused Instagram users.


You are gorgeous 💕💕💕 but why is the clock upside down😂


Adorable photo❤️! I also noticed something funny😃 why is your clock upside down 🙉? 😃 cute but funny


All I can notice is the clock is upside down 😂

The funny thing is, Emilee also has no idea why.


lol good point out 😂 I have no idea.

Well, we should give the users credit for being so attentive. Did you notice the unusual detail in the model's picture at once? We're waiting for your answers in the comments below!