Pit Your Wits: Can You See The Pattern?

Date May 17, 2019 13:53

Math and logic are two very important sciences that you deal with in your school years, while in adulthood you often find trouble with them. So what will happen if you put math and logic together and then give this task to your brain to solve? Great training!

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A person's mental abilities only develop when he/she gets new tasks. You must agree that if you give yourself the same tasks every day, then they will only have some effect when you do them for the first time. Because you have to think, you try to find the answer. All the next times you simply know what to do. This is why you should never ignore the needs of your brain. When it requires training – give it! We offer you to solve one task that will help you immensely with that.

The task

Pit Your Wits: Can You See The Pattern?

As you have probably already guessed, your task is to find out which number should go in the end. Nothing too difficult, just a pattern. If you can figure it out, you'll find the answer.

Don't rush into scrolling down if you don't want to see the answer beforehand.

Are you ready to think?

Do you have any options?

Pit Your Wits: Can You See The Pattern?ArtFamily /

What is your solution?

It's time to find out the truth.

The correct answer

Pit Your Wits: Can You See The Pattern?

The number is 9. As you can see, it wasn't that difficult to find the answer. What was your thought process? Were you going in the right direction? Tell us in the comments below.