"Russian Volume": New Eyelash Extensions Trend Is Gaining More And More Traction Worldwide

Date July 16, 2019

Women have been on the lookout for ways to get even more beautiful for as long as humanity has been around. While centuries ago, things were much more primitive and ladies would put charcoal on their eyebrows, now, there are millions of ways to make yourself look more attractive! Every day, new products are being developed in the beauty sphere and they make our lives much easier.

Tired of chipped nail polish? It's as easy as getting a durable cover and forgetting about manicure troubles for 2-3 weeks. Is it a chore to put on mascara every day? You can get eyelash extensions and wake up flawless every morning!

There are dozens of eyelash extensions styles. You can choose whatever appeals to you: natural curve and length, or stage style – also known as "Russian Volume."

This Russian style implies eyelash extensions that make a woman look more "glamorous" and bright. The lash masters stick between 2 to 8 fake eyelashes onto 1 natural one. It has a really striking effect and it's almost impossible to go unnoticed if you have such lashes!

Russian Volume is a perfect fit for creating an evening look

Your look becomes more lavishing, more inviting

More glamorous and red-carpet-ready

Long lashes visually make your eyes bigger and "cat-like"

Pros and cons of the procedure

Eyelash extensions have a number of undeniable advantages:

  • they're comfortable and save you time in the mornings;
  • you're a beauty even without makeup;
  • you can forget about mascara for 4-6 weeks.


  • it's a long procedure, 2 hours minimum;
  • it's pricey;
  • there's a risk of getting into the hands of a careless beautician who uses low-quality materials, which may damage your natural eyelashes;
  • if you like sleeping face-down, you will have to reconsider this habit.

In any case, everyone decides for themselves whether they like eyelash extensions or not. But it's a fact that they save you time in everyday life!

How do you like this trend? Would you like to give it a try? Tell us in the comments!

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