Why Does Your Horoscope Never Fit You?

Date May 20, 2019

Has it ever happened to you that you are reading the description of the zodiac sign you were born under and you completely disagree with everything written there? And then you read your colleague's horoscope and realize that all of the characteristics match your personality? It's totally possible – people are influenced not only by the position of the Sun on the zodiac circle, but by a number of other factors.

Why Does Your Horoscope Never Fit You?

One of them is the Ascending sign (also called Ascendant), which is linked to the position of the zodiac sign on the horizon at the moment of its rise. It can be calculated for each person separately by using a special table if you know the time of birth. It explains a person's appearance and general state of health.

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Apart from the Sun, people are greatly affected by the Moon – in particular, which zodiacal constellation it was positioned in at the time of a baby's birth. You can be sure that you will always find these character traits within you along with the ones that are inherent to your main sign.

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First and last days of a zodiac period may correlate with nearby signs, that's why a person easily soaks up the characteristics of all these signs.

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And now, perhaps, the saddest explanation of the discrepancies in your feelings with the description of your zodiac sign may be that you are out of tune with your soul; you don't accept yourself the way you are. Most often, it comes out as dissatisfaction, irritation, and aggression towards the whole world. If this is the case, perhaps you should work to change your attitude towards the world?

Why Does Your Horoscope Never Fit You?

Also, astrologers recommend reading and comparing horoscopes by different authors from several sources. Then the truth will lie somewhere in between those and you will be able to discover your true self!

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