7 Examples Of A Stylist’s Excellent Work

Date June 11, 2019 17:30

There are plenty of women who are unhappy with their appearance. Some solve this problem by believing that there is someone to love them the way they are. Others resort to plastic surgery, spending fabulous amounts of money. And still others try to look in the mirror less often.

Fortunately, there is the art of makeup that can make any plain Jane look sensational. Stylist Evgeny Zhuk works in this field and creates real makeover miracles.

After his work on the face and hair, women become not only prettier but also more confident and interested in life.

Feast your eyes on the works of the talented stylist and his team during the show Perezagruzka (Reboot) on Russian TV.




How do you like these makeovers? A very impressive result in our opinion! Share the link with your friends, maybe this idea will inspire someone’s transformation.

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