Bright Colors And Sequins: What’s Trendy To Do With Bikini Hair?

Date May 21, 2019

With summer just around the corner, many women start taking better care of themselves. Some go to the gym, others start dieting, and still others prepare the skin for the scorching sun with moisturizing masks and wraps. There are also those who don’t forget about the intimate area. What is trendy to do down there this summer? Haircuts, dyeing, piercing, tattoos, and feathers? We have prepared for you 5 most popular trends of the approaching beach season!

“Delicate” trends of this summer

1. Haircut

This season fashionistas don’t worry about choosing between hair removal and Brazilian waxing. They will go for a French cut in the form of a small vertical strip. In a beauty salon, you can get any shape you like, be it a heart or a character.

2. Dyeing

Hair dyeing in the bikini area and mehndi was already practiced back in the Ancient Egypt. Now it’s back in fashion!

3. Glitter

In beauty salons or at home, you can decorate yourself with some glitter, sequins, and even rhinestones after epilation. You can do it with the help of cosmetic glue. Anyway, it's best to entrust this business to professionals to avoid trouble!

Beach trends

1. No to tan lines

Fashionistas who want even tan buy swimsuits that allow UV rays to pass through the fabric. Now you don’t have to choose between good tan and coverage!


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2. Beach masks

To prevent the appearance of facial wrinkles from exposure to ultraviolet radiation, you can use multi-colored swimming masks. This is how beach lovers from China protect their skin!

Which trend have you already tried for yourself? Which one are you daring to try? Share in the comments!