Curly Eyelashes – A New Beauty Craze. Just Like After Curlers!

Date June 4, 2019

Nowadays, with countless unusual solutions appearing every day, beauty trends change at the speed of light. Popular bloggers need to somehow keep their followers entertained, so they try to be as original as possible.

There've been razor-thin eyebrows, double eyebrows, "halo" brows, and their complete absence.

Manicurists have amazed their Instagram followers with "skates" and "women in labor" nail designs. It's hard to imagine until you see it with your own eyes.



Публикация от Nail Sunny (@nail_sunny)

It seems that there is nothing left to invent. Far from it! How about eyelashes? Makeup artist Sofie Petersen loves to surprise her 28,000 Instagram followers. That's why she presented a new trend – curly eyelashes.

What do you say?

This probably won't become mainstream in the nearest future. Unless some celebrity jumps on this train.

Do you want to see more of Sofie's works? They are no less weird.

Did you like curly eyelashes? Would you like to try this trend?