Double The Beauty: 7 Sets Of Instagram-Famous Twins You'll Probably Want To Follow

Date March 25, 2019

Nowadays, you don’t have to take part in beauty contests to show your beauty to the world. Pageants haven’t lost their significance and gained another perspective: now they serve to broaden the standards of beauty. Thanks to modern beauty pageants, little girls, women of age, and people with special needs can show themselves.

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Social networks have made real celebrities out of many ordinary people. Nowadays, if you are good looking and charismatic, you have practically unlimited opportunities to gain recognition. Double that if you have a twin sister or brother! We offer you to take a look at our selection of pictures from famous Instagram twins' accounts.

1. Gülcan & Sahinur

The first time a joint photo of these beauties appeared on Instagram was back in 2015. Since then, they have been posting pictures and videos mesmerizing netizens with their grace and creativity. In these 4 years, the young ladies have become real fashion influencers in Germany and far beyond its borders.

2. Liza & Katya

Young Russian women Liza and Katya have tried themselves in modeling and acting, and also launched their own modeling agency. The girls help to select models for various events. It is not surprising that they work primarily with twins.

3. Madi & Tallara

These Australians are not just charming girls. They became famous due to their passion for yoga with elements of acrobatics: photos and videos of Madi and Tallara exercising together captivate with the girls’ flexibility and harmony.

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4. Ava Marie & Leah Rose

Their joint Instagram account run by Ava and Leah’s mother has over 1.2 million followers! The little princesses were popular models even before they went to school, but their mom made sure that their career didn’t interfere with their childhood.

5. Angelo & Pietro Amato

These gorgeous Italian twins were born to become models. Stylish, modern, and sporty – aren’t they perfect men?

6. Anya and Chris

Anya and Chris are not just beautiful. These talented girls are famous DJs!

7. Syd and Ash

These girls called themselves “gypsy souls.” Perhaps because of their love for travel: Syd and Ash often post pictures of wonderful places that you are probably aching to visit.

Tell the truth, which of these twins would you like to follow?

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