Hair Colorist Applied The Dye In A Strange Way And The End Result Is Beyond Praise!

Date June 7, 2019 17:30

There are not so many good beauty professionals who can make us more beautiful. Perhaps every woman has been in the situation where she asked for one thing, but got something completely different instead!


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Hair professional Mounir, the founder of his own brand, is one of those hairdressers who are all booked up months ahead.

And this is not surprising, because what he does with hair is simply amazing!

1. The hair color is only a few shades lighter, but look how it changes the whole image! The pretty girl turned into a pampered beauty


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2. Boring long hair was cut off and the dye was applied in an unusual way... The result is stunning!


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3. Mounir employs his own cutting and dyeing techniques. Simple yet very stylish!


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4. That is why complex dyeing should be trusted only to the best professionals!


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5. Men are not rare visitors at Mounir’s. They want to look great, too!


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6. Each step is carefully thought through accounting for the characteristics of a particular client's hair. This is what an individual approach means!


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Admit it, at the beginning of the videos it is rather doubtful that something good will come out of it, right? Tell us, which hairstyle did you like the most?