Holder Of The Secret To Eternal Youth? 60-Year-Old Grandmother Won An International Beauty Pageant

Date March 13, 2019

Many of us don’t dare to change our lives believing that we are ‘too old’ for it. But there are people out there who prove that age is just a number!

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Once, Svetlana Gass from Odessa, Ukraine, read an article about a Bulgarian beauty contest for older ladies. Her daughter convinced Svetlana to apply. At the time, she was 57 years old.

She waited for 7 long months, but in the end, Svetlana received a response from the committee – she passed the qualifying rounds and was invited to take part in the beauty pageant Mrs. Grandma.

Svetlana Gass made a real sensation winning first place. No one could believe that she was 57!

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At the contest, Gass met representatives of the USA contest committee, who invited her to take part in Mrs. Transcontinental pageant. She agreed and flew to Atlanta, Georgia.

After 6 months, Svetlana won another title and the crown. She became Mrs. Transcontinental 2017.

On her return to her homeland, Gass was entered into the Book of Records of Ukraine and handed an official certificate. Svetlana became the most titled grandma in her country!

This charming woman once again reminds us that it is never too late!

Would you guess that Svetlana is 60 years old? Let us know in the comments!

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