How Each Zodiac Sign Reacts To Criticism


May 9, 2019 12:34 By Fabiosa

Astrology is an ancient science. Long ago, our ancestors started applying this wisdom in everyday life. Rock paintings, papyrus drawings, and signs in the pyramids left us with a vast heritage, some of which is still left to decipher.

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How do various signs react to criticism?

The stars and planets can answer many questions. Today we want to use their tips to find out how people born under different signs of the zodiac react to critique.


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They always strive for perfection, so they take criticism as an opportunity to improve something in themselves, their work, or relationships.


The initial reaction can be rather harsh because a Taurus will question the critic’s competence first. But having cooled down a bit, they are quite capable of appreciating a valuable remark.


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They will calmly accept criticism and start correcting themselves because they are just waiting to receive feedback on their actions.


If you are criticizing a Cancer with good intentions in mind, then the representative of this sign will know it and respectfully hear you out. Otherwise, don’t waste your breath!


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When Leos ask someone to point out the shortcomings in their work, then do it honestly. If they don’t ask for this, then it’s better to keep it to yourself – they are not ready for criticism yet.


Negative feedback surprises Virgo and hits where it hurts most. These perfectionists have everything under absolute control and can’t be wrong! They won’t believe you.


They can get on the defensive when faced with “areas for improvement.” The only way to make them listen to the hard truth is to be as friendly and polite as possible.


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It is in a Scorpio’s nature to start an argument with a critic. But you’d better avoid it for your own sake because they will sooner make you change your beliefs than agree or admit their mistake.


Sagittarians see their own mistakes, learn from them, and move on. They rarely need advisers or criticism.


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Capricorns never stop perfecting themselves, that’s why they keep asking everyone about their projects. When they are answered, they will listen and take notes.


People born under this sign perceive criticism as a fair assessment of their work without getting personal.


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Pisces can take every innocent remark to heart, retreat, and suffer for days because of it.

Did you recognize yourself or your colleagues in these descriptions? Or perhaps you’ve never received criticism? Let us know!

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