Insanely Talented Beauty Creates Fascinating Makeup Masterpieces

Date May 17, 2019 16:12

Sometimes people discover their calling most unexpectedly – when a passion for something completely absorbs you, so much so that you forget about time, food, and rest. This happened to 23-year-old Monika Falcik from Vilnius, who has got a degree in Spanish philology.

A year ago, she first tried giving herself artistic makeup and was so amazed by the result – how in a short time you can transform so radically. It was then that Monika realized this something she is willing to devote the rest of her life to.

Since then, she has regularly posted new breathtaking images in her Instagram account. The number of followers is also growing – she currently has over 145,000 of them, some of which don’t mind expressing their delight in the comments.


Wow you are a true artist


this is amazing !!! i can’t even comprehend how this was done


Unbelievable! You’re so talented ♥ ️


My favorite makeup artist, love ya, your the best!



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