It Is Inexplicable, But True: Almost All Women Have The Same Freckle. Do You Have One?

Date June 3, 2019 11:53

Each of us has probably noticed funny coincidences. The following observation, however, has got thousands of people thinking.

A girl named Aaryn Whitley found an interesting pattern that she hastened to share on her Twitter page. She noticed that almost all women have a freckle in the center of the wrist. As proof, Aaryn attached photos of her acquaintances.

Whitley’s observation quickly spread across the social network and turned into a massive flash mob. It turned out that almost every other girl has a freckle there. In the comments on the post, Twitter users started sharing their wrist shots and freaking out.

Soon, guys followed suit. Many of them also found the “mystical” freckle on the wrist!

Well, this is really strange! The human body never ceases to amaze us. Is there any scientific explanation for this pattern?

Do you have a freckle on your wrist? We are looking forward to your answers and photos in the comments!