Logic Riddle: Which One Of These 4 Pinched A Watermelon?


April 8, 2019 17:01 By Fabiosa

Riddles aimed at logical thinking are so captivating because they are a great opportunity to train and test your wit. It would seem that we do it every day, but when you have to rise to the task, you can feel your mental faculties max out.

Logic Riddle: Which One Of These 4 Pinched A Watermelon?Diego Cervo / Shutterstock.com

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Logic puzzle

Read the problem carefully, look at the picture, gather your wits, and try come to the correct answer.

Logic Riddle: Which One Of These 4 Pinched A Watermelon?

You are a security guard in a supermarket. You know that one of these people has stolen a watermelon. Assess the situation and tell who the shoplifter is.

Don’t rush, analyze every detail in the picture.

And here is the correct answer!

Logic Riddle: Which One Of These 4 Pinched A Watermelon?

The guy with a ball looks like he is holding something much heavier than merely a basketball. Ergo, he is the one who has hidden the watermelon quite masterfully.

Was it your answer? Congratulations, all is well with your logic!

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Let's keep the fun going!

Logic Riddle: Which One Of These 4 Pinched A Watermelon?

To encourage our smartest readers, we invite to crack several more logic puzzles.

1. A mother, a father, and two children need to cross a river. There is only a small boat that won’t carry more than one adult or two children at any one time. The children are good rowers. How can the whole family get to the opposite bank?

2. A family consists of two mothers, two daughters, one grandmother, and one granddaughter. How many people are there in the family?


1. First, both children take the boat to the other bank. One of them stays there and the other rows back to the parents. Now one of the adults rows across and stays on the other side, while the child comes back. Once again, both children row across, and one comes back. The last adult rows across the river. The second child comes back and, finally, both row to meet their parents on the other side.

2. There are 3 people in the family – the grandmother (who is also a mother), her daughter (who is also a mother), and her granddaughter (who is also a daughter).

How long did it take you to figure out all of these puzzles? We are sure that you managed in little to no time!

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