Logical Riddle: How Did The Grannies Escape?


April 22, 2019 11:59 By Fabiosa

People love logical puzzles so much because they give an opportunity to test the level of a person’s development and boost mental activity. There is also a fair share of anticipation: “Will I cope?”

Logical Riddle: How Did The Grannies Escape?ChristianChan / Shutterstock.com

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Today, we are inviting you to solve several logical problems.

How did the grannies get out of prison?

There are two elderly women in a prison cell. They started working on an escape plan. One possible option – through the window with no bars. But it is very high – 15 feet from the floor. However they tried, they couldn’t reach it.

Logical Riddle: How Did The Grannies Escape?

Then they decided to dig a tunnel in the dirt floor of their cell. After a while, the ingenious ladies realized that there was a much easier way to get out. What did they come up with?

Set the timer for about 1-2 minutes and think. Meanwhile, we will write the correct answer below.


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The solution: While the grandmothers were digging, the pile of earth grew. Thanks to it, they finally reached the window and got out of their confinement.

Did you manage to give the correct answer?

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Logical Riddle: How Did The Grannies Escape?Rido / Shutterstock.com

If you aren’t tired yet, we offer you to continue the mental exercise and solve a couple more riddles

Riddle 1. There is an elevator in a 12-story building. 2 people live on the 1st floor. On each subsequent floor the number of residents doubles. On which floor of this building do they press the elevator call button the most often?

Riddle 2. You enter a dark room. There is a gas stove, a kerosene lamp, and a candle. There is only one match in the matchbox. What will you light first?

Have you thought well? Ready to check your answers?

Logical Riddle: How Did The Grannies Escape?Pormezz / Shutterstock.com

Answer 1. The elevator call button on the 1st floor is the one they press the most often because all the residents of the building use it.

Answer 2. First, you light the match.

Do you like this exercise for the brain? You can riddle your friends the next time you get together.

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