Magic Of Makeup: A Stylist Transforms Even The Most Plain-Looking And Neglected Women

Date April 3, 2019

Most modern women, even those who are perfectly skilled in makeup techniques, have turned to makeup professionals, even if only once and for a special occasion. These virtuosos are capable of working real miracles: they can turn women who neglected themselves into Hollywood divas and make those who have objective reasons to be insecure feel beautiful again.

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Evgeny Zhuk is a young but very famous stylist, hairdresser, and makeup artist from Russia. He was born in 1985 and by the age of 30 became so popular that he has been a guest judge at many major contests, and even skeptics get inspired by his works.

Little is known about the stylist’s personal life. It was a modeling business that brought Yevgeny and his wife, Anastasia Belochkina, together. Anastasia has a son as good-looking and charming as his mother. He would have a brilliant modeling career, but Belochkina decided not to take away his childhood.

Evgeny’s fame surged after he took part in the national TV program Na 10 Let Molozhe (10 Years Younger). A small team of professionals performed amazing transformations, bringing women their beauty, youth, and confidence back.

Besides Evgeny, there is a surgeon, a dentist, and a style expert in the team. Zhuk comes in almost at the end of each makeover, but his contribution is no less important. It is he who teaches the project participants to look after themselves, to choose the right hairstyles and makeup – things they have to do on their own after the program.

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Magic Of Makeup: A Stylist Transforms Even The Most Plain-Looking And Neglected Women© Perviy kanal

Evgeny’s other creation is TV makeover show Perezagruzka (Reboot). Participants of the show are women and men who are not too happy about their appearance. The show is different in that the stylists work alongside psychologists to help their subjects to form a more positive outlook.

It seems that these photos are of completely different people, doesn’t it?

Some people think that the work of a stylist is pretty simple and straightforward. But once you look at these “before” and “after” shots, it becomes clear that it requires skill as well as talent. Evgeny’s works prove that everyone can be beautiful. Not every one of us is ready to take part in a program like this, but the fact that these women’s makeovers are impressive is beyond doubt, wouldn’t you agree?

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