Main Trends In Eyebrow Styling

Date June 4, 2019 17:22

Women have always attached great importance to eyebrows. They often tie the whole makeup together and make the face perfect. So, it is understandable that makeup artists don’t cease to experiment with eyebrows, offering new styles and design options.


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The main fashion trends of 2019 have taken the course for a natural look and smooth lines, which replaced the well-defined contours.

For styling thick eyebrows, you can use a special soap product that, unlike a gel, doesn’t make them heavier, and use a comb to brush the hairs up.


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If there is hair dye, then why shouldn’t there be the same for eyebrows? Any color of the rainbow!

Microfibers are used to make eyebrows look fuller, more voluminous, and natural.


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Here is some news for fans of permanent makeup – it is still in demand, but not quite the latest fashion. The materials and methods have been improved to provide eyebrows with a 3D effect.

The important point is for a master to choose such a shade that the eyebrows look very natural.

Do you take care of your eyebrows? What technologies does your master offer? Tell us, please.

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