Mixed Couple Runs Their Little Daughter’s Blog. Her Sweet Face And Thick Hair Are Out Of This World!

Date March 22, 2019

Thanks to the scientific and technological achievements of our age, people have can travel around the world more often and communicate thousands of miles apart. So, relationships between partners belonging to different races, cultures, or religions are becoming more and more common. Love knows no bounds!


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Let us introduce you to a Vietnamese man and African woman, who have been happy together for several years. Their most beautiful creation is their daughter Bailei who inherited the traits of both parents. She is already 2 years old and absolutely mesmerizing!


Публикация от Bai (bae)✨ (@bbybailei)

Bailei’s parents run her Instagram microblog where you can admire this little angel.


Публикация от Bai (bae)✨ (@bbybailei)

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Can you imagine how beautiful Bailei will be when she grows up, and how many fans will she have then, considering that now she has nearly 100,000 followers?


Публикация от Bai (bae)✨ (@bbybailei)

There is an Instagram page where many mixed couples post photos of their babies with #prettymixedkids. They’ve compiled a whole collection!

All babies are adorable, but love-plus-genetic-factors yields amazing beauty, wouldn’t you agree? They can put a smile on anyone’s face!

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