“My Understanding Of Beauty Has Evolved”: Young Mom Told Why She Chose Not To Lose The ‘Baby Weight’

Date March 21, 2019 14:22

Perfect photos of flawless bodies in just a few weeks’ (or even hours’) time after giving birth are not uncommon in the media and on social networks. Yet, more and more women are beginning to show the other side of motherhood: fatigue, lack of time for themselves, and of course the changes that occurred to their bodies after childbirth. For example, Sarah Landry showed what 3 pregnancies did to her body.

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Many modern women accept the fact that a woman needs time to return to her “pre-baby” shape. Moreover, some never manage it at all, while others don’t even try for various reasons. Here is a story shared by Kristyn Dingman.

Months after giving birth, she keeps sharing true photos of her body. Besides wanting to show that there is nothing to be ashamed of, Kristyn is trying to convey the message that no one has the right to force a woman to change after she’s been transformed by the most important thing in life: the birth of a baby.

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Before pregnancy, naturally curvy Kristyn used to wear shaping clothes and was embarrassed of her figure. Seeing how her body was changing, she even feared she would suffer postpartum depression. But then Dingman realized that she had given birth to her son and should not be ashamed of it. Having launched a blog, the young lady became a support for herself and dozens of other mommies. We would like to share some of her thoughts with you.

There is no normal postpartum experience.

Magazines, TV and social media outlets have told woman how they should look and defined what beauty is for the world.

My changed body is evidence that I am a woman warrior who went through 9 months of dramatic change to give me the greatest gift of all.

Learning to love who you are and to believe in yourself is something that takes a lot of practice. 

My understanding of beauty has evolved. I have learned so much from motherhood but one of the biggest changes has been my mindset on my physical appearance. 

Yes, according to you I’m overweight. Yes, I have a double chin and I like to eat donuts. Yes, I was pregnant and haven’t “lost the baby weight.”

My stretch marks are evidence of my experiences of becoming a mother. 

Every woman wants to be beautiful and attractive. Is it possible to be confident without accepting your body? Another popular blogger, Sara Shakeel, has demonstrated that stretch marks can look beautiful. With the help of glitter, she turns these ‘defects’ into amazing works of art.

Not only advocates of body positivity would agree that one can try to accept post-partum stretch marks and one's new body for several reasons.

  1. This is proof that you have given birth to a new life.
  2. All people are different. And this must be respected.
  3. Tigers have stripes, they are fierce. So do and so are moms.
  4. Women are not a living ad for Photoshop. Women should be diverse, unique, and real.
  5. In fact, all that makes you ashamed of your body is the imposed standards of beauty.
  6. Any person can have stretch marks and extra pounds.
  7. It is next to impossible to get rid of them.

We strive to meet standards instead of being unique. Nobody forbids women to be beautiful, but they shouldn’t be told how to look. What do you think about this?

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