New Crazy Trend – Pom-Poms On The Face: 10 Mind-Boggling Variants

Date June 19, 2019 10:03

When in 2018, fluffy pom-poms appeared on quite serious women's shoes, like loafers, for example, this was perceived as a nice touch that could make an image even more feminine. Then pom-poms found itself onto handbags. Gradually, they made all the way to... the face!

Do you find it hard to believe? On Instagram, there are photos from expert makeup artists with fluff balls on the models’ faces. At first, the cases were isolated, yet now it's time to call it a full-fledged trend.

The makeup artists’ creativity knows no bounds! They place pom-poms of various sizes and colors on the eyebrows and around the mouth, near the eyelashes, and just on the cheekbones after the usual makeup routine. An inevitable question: how are they attached to the face? Because the materials should be safe.

We have prepared for you a selection of this wonder. It turns out that this is not so difficult and everyone can do it themselves, taking others’ mistakes and experience into consideration.



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What do you think? Surprised? Or have you got used to designers’ crazy attention-seeking stunts? And, finally, would you like to emphasize your individuality with such decorations on your face?

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