No Hiding Anything From Them: 3 Super Intuitive Zodiac Signs


April 5, 2019 18:21 By Fabiosa

Who wouldn’t like to have psychic abilities like reading thoughts and emotions of other people, knowing their intentions? This superpower would enable a person to achieve anything! But what if there are people among us who have intuition so highly developed that it borders on telepathy? These 3 zodiac signs don’t even realize what they are capable of!

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3rd place – Scorpio

Scorpio is probably the most mystical zodiac sign. People born under it are endowed with special abilities. They can look into the very essence of a person. At the same time, there is an endless internal struggle between good and evil, which eats a Scorpio away from the inside.

Paradoxically, at first glance, Scorpios can instantly know what kind of person they are dealing with, but cannot understand themselves. They can see people’s ulterior motives and, sometimes, when they see that someone is trying to deceive or trick them, they mince no words!

2 place – Sagittarius

Sagittarians are born with strong intuition. But this gift weakens when a Sagittarius is far from Mother Nature. However, as soon as Sagittarius people are back in their element, they gain unprecedented abilities.


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Sagittarius can’t turn on or off the inexplicable and spontaneous materialization of their thoughts. They are truly surprised when it happens. Sometimes a Sag doesn’t even need to say words to be understood by their conversational partner. People born under this sign are able to transmit their thoughts and desires at a distance, through facial expressions and the eyes.

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1st place – Pisces

With the help of their powerful intuition, Pisces read other people’s thoughts and feelings. This gift works particularly well when it comes to relatives and friends. Pisces appear a bit detached from the real world, while, in fact, they are observing everything happening around them.

They are able to quickly analyze and feel a person’s inner state. When communicating with representatives of this sign, you may have a feeling that they see through you – and this is exactly how it is. Pisces can experience your emotional state, understand your problems as if they are in your shoes. But for Pisces, this gift is more of a curse.

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