Pandora’s Box! What Worries You The Most According To Your Zodiac Sign

Date July 2, 2019

Each sign of the zodiac has its own Pandora's box – a part of the brain responsible for worrying without a good reason. Others can have no idea or not take your concerns seriously, simply because they have a different mindset. What worries representatives of each zodiac sign in the privacy of their own mind?

Pandora’s Box! What Worries You The Most According To Your Zodiac SignDmytro Zinkevych /

1. Aries

Movement every day is what keeps Aries in their element. Let them spend a day alone and it'll drive them up the wall! All because everyone knows that their restless mind will start wondering “What if...” and magnify its own anxiety. It is better for you to switch from one type of activity to another in order to avoid power surges.

2. Taurus

Taurus is no less stubborn than Aries, but in a completely different matter: they conquer their safe place where they can stay with their thoughts, things, awards, romantic memoirs — anything. A Taurus will get totally confused and angry in a situation of bustle and confusion. A representative of this sign will fear to lose all that.

3. Gemini

One of Gemini’s weaknesses is a lack of self-control. There are so many different thoughts swirling around in your head that, at times, it is one big mess. As a result, you don’t have time, you lose track of the important details, and worry.

Pandora’s Box! What Worries You The Most According To Your Zodiac SigngeminiTatiana Davidova /

4. Cancer

Shy Cancers start to feel flustered when they are in the spotlight. You are a very worrisome person by nature, and in the crosshairs of public attention, it only gets worse as if under a magnifying glass.

5. Leo

Leos lose composure when they have no one or nothing to lead. Their innate tendency to control others must find a way out. Any attempts to deprive you of this right won’t bring anything good either for you or for the person who decided to try your patience. After all, you can be unparalleled when it comes to a brawl.

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6. Virgo

This sign is prone to be suspicious and vary by nature. So worrying with and without a reason is your second nature. Take care of the nervous system and stop winding yourself up over trifles.

7. Libra

Famous moralists Libra don’t tolerate injustice in any form. If your fight for peace and the rights of the downtrodden has failed miserably – there is no one in the world more upset than you. Given your changeable mood, you should sometimes let go of the reins and, finally, relax. After all, you can make mistakes too.

Pandora’s Box! What Worries You The Most According To Your Zodiac SignDmytro Flisak /

8. Scorpio

This sign values personal space very highly. You are always in tension, analyzing thousands of things at the same time, but even a powerful supercomputer such as Scorpio’s brain can get overloaded. Learn to accept the world as it is – with all its noise and bustle.

9. Sagittarius

You want to defy norms. If there is order, you join the rebellion. If there is a revolution, then you are for the order. Get rid of the eternal desire to break free from other people’s control and to control others yourself. Then there will be fewer worries in your life.

10. Capricorn

Capricorn is one of those signs that get offended when you suggest having a break during a work marathon. These workaholics feel anxious when they have nowhere to run, and there is nothing scheduled on the calendar. The main trigger of your anxiety is the risk of being called a lazy bone when in fact you are quite the opposite.

11. Aquarius

Simplicity and clarity is Aquarius’ motto. When you have to get out of your comfort zone to solve some tasks that are beyond you, you get nervous. Take things easier and no problem will be too big.

Pandora’s Box! What Worries You The Most According To Your Zodiac Sign

12. Pisces

What you fear is taking a step outside your little world of dreams and imagination. Any attempt to enter the big world with all its problems and responsibilities inspires panic in Pisces. Take it one day at a time and gradually accept reality for what it is. It’s not so scary.

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