Poles Apart: How Salon Manicure Can Change The Hands Beyond Recognition


May 8, 2019 17:54 By Fabiosa

A woman is supposed to be beautiful from head to toe. And even a trifle such as neglected hands can spoil the whole impression! What is the point of trying to look your best, if the nails look untidy or literally frightening?

Poles Apart: How Salon Manicure Can Change The Hands Beyond RecognitionPixel-Shot / Shutterstock.com

But don’t worry! There is no problem that can’t be solved!

Here are several examples when masters have done next to the impossible

1. When your nail technician is simply a genius! (click right to see the whole transformation)


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2. It wouldn't be easy to repeat at home. Thankfully, there are professionals!


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3. The hands look completely different!


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4. The main thing now is to maintain this beauty!


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5. And here the manicurist has proved that there are no ugly nails. In 4 months, she managed to radically change the hands of her client. Behold the power of timely and regular care!


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6. A couple of hours and the hands are a sight!


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7.  The difference is staggering!

And which of the manicure solutions above impressed you the most? We hope you are not among those who neglect their hands? Besides, there is nothing wrong with home manicure!