Quiz: How Well Do You Read Body Language?

Date March 22, 2019 11:52

Body language is another way of communication that in most cases is controlled by the subconscious. More often than not, body language reveals what a person wouldn’t really like to say out loud. For example, touching the nose can give away a person who is lying.

Quiz: How Well Do You Read Body Language?

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It is very handy to be able to read facial expressions and gestures even a little – it will enable you to better communicate with people you don’t know very well. Today we offer you to take a little quiz and see how well you understand body language. Ready? Answer the following questions. When you are ready for the correct answer – click on the picture.

1. Which one of these men is fake smiling?  

2. Which man is lying?

3. Which one of these people is in an unknown environment or around unfamiliar people? 

4. Which one wants to appear serious?

5. Which woman is keen on building relationships?

6. Which woman feels insecure?

7. Which woman is trying to charm a man?

Explanation to the answers

  1. When a smile is sincere, it engages the eyes as well as the lips. You can see this is by small wrinkles forming in the corners of the eyes.
  2. Most liars try to look straight into the eyes, the opposite of what they are expected to do, hoping that it will make them more convincing.
  3. This person’s position is closed, which indicates discomfort. He does not feel confident and is obviously not at ease.
  4. Glasses with a wide frame give a person the air of seriousness, even if the person is not like that at all.
  5. It turns out that women who prefer subtle shades of lipstick (nude or glossy) are more interested in a career than in building relationships. The choice of red or burgundy speaks otherwise.
  6. A person who holds a cup with both hands, looking as if wanting to hide in it, definitely experiences discomfort.
  7. When a woman deliberately tries to win over her conversational partner, she leans towards him and slightly lets go of her emotions.

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6 secrets of beautiful body language

Quiz: How Well Do You Read Body Language?

  1. Remember to smile! Make it part of your facial expression so that you look sincere but also much more beautiful.
  2. Be aware of your gestures: try not to cross your arms and legs, be more open, and make sure you don’t go overboard with your body language.
  3. Nod your head when talking and support your chin with your hand while listening. It will make a good impression.
  4. Remember eye contact! It is very important.
  5. Slightly lean forward when listening, and stand straight when speaking.
  6. Maintain a comfortable distance from your conversational partner; don’t intrude on others’ personal space. If a person steps away from you, no need to shorten that distance.

Quiz: How Well Do You Read Body Language?

Now you know how good you are at reading body language, and also learned several useful tips that will make your gestures more intentional and effective. Be attentive to yourself and others!

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