Simple Math Problems That Give The Brain An Excellent Work Out


April 5, 2019 18:21 By Fabiosa

Mathematics is the mother of all sciences. Not only does it enable you to count your change in a store, but also, for example, calculate the exact amount of calories your body needs to function properly. But how to keep your math skills in shape or, at the very least, not forget what the multiplication and division signs look like? How to keep in mind the sequence of actions in solving mathematical problems? Today we will help you refresh your math skills and get your brain to work a little. Solve the following problems and when you are ready to check your answer, click on the pictures.

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What is the right answer?

Can you solve this problem?

How about this one?

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What is the answer here?

How much is it?

What is the answer here?

What is the right answer?

Well, did you manage these simple equations? Or have you already forgotten the long multiplication method? If it was easy for you, you can go and become a math tutor to help school children in their studies!

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