Math Problem With A Catch. Great Brain Training!

Date June 27, 2019

Mathematics is an exact science, but it can be very tricky. Sometimes it seems that the answer seems obvious, but then you find out that it’s wrong! It's more interesting to solve all sorts of puzzles, because mind training is important for people of any age!

Math Problem With A Catch. Great Brain Training!TierneyMJ /

If you think that your school and university days are long gone and if mathematics doesn’t concern you, you are mistaken! Every day we deal with various puzzles, so exercising your brain is a useful activity that is never redundant.

Math Problem With A Catch. Great Brain Training!Natalie Board /

Today we offer you to solve a problem that seems very simple, but only at first glance. The condition is clear both to the child and the adult. But many people still make the same mistake!

Are you ready to test yourself and join the ones who solved the problem correctly the first time?

So, here is the condition:

Math Problem With A Catch. Great Brain Training!

Take your time, read it carefully. Don’t fall for the same trap as many people who got it wrong.

The correct answer is 70.

Many think it is 25. Usually they think like this: 30/2 + 10 = 25.

But when dividing by a fraction, you should multiply by the inverted fraction, for example, 30 * 2 + 10.

And what was your answer? Share the results in the comments!