Ultra-Modern Coloring: The Summer’s Hottest Trend – "Pink Champagne"

Date July 4, 2019

New season, new you – this is probably the motto of beauty industry workers who never cease to please and amaze us with their creativity. You can try stylists’ unexpected hair solutions, for example. How about a changing the color for starters?

One of this season’s trends in hair coloring is “pink champagne.” A master of one of the British beauty salons, Sapphire Driver, came up with this color while looking at a nearby… sofa.

To make the color even, the stylist advises to lighten the hair to a natural blond beforehand.


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Warm and cold shades could also be combined in one color.


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Before trying it on yourself, consult with your hair master, taking the condition of your hair into account, as it will be exposed to dyes.

If you are not sure whether a new hair color or a new hairstyle will look good on you, then check out some programs and apps that will help you to virtually model your new image.

Seeing yourself from a different angle, you will be able to see how you like it before you actually do it.


Публикация от BLEACH (@bleachlondon)

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