Woman Ages 8 Times Faster Due To The "Benjamin Button" Condition

Date March 21, 2019 14:22

There are many diseases with symptoms that can easily be taken for a superhero movie plot. One of them is progeria, a rare genetic disorder in which the skin and internal organs begin to age prematurely, most often in childhood. At the same time, the patient’s intellectual development is unaffected. Despite the fact that this is a terrible condition by definition, statistics are somewhat comforting, since only 1 in 4-8 million newborns suffers from it. At any given time, there are about 200-250 people affected by this disease in the world.

Woman Ages 8 Times Faster Due To The "Benjamin Button" ConditionS_L /

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This disorder has several names: Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome (in children), Werner syndrome (in adults), and also Benjamin Button syndrome. Even though this disease is very rare, we want to tell you a real story of a woman living with this rare condition.


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Tiffany Wedekind is 41, which is already a miracle since children with progeria rarely live up to the age of 12. As it turns out, Tiffany’s mother – who is in her 70s now – is the carrier of the disease but doesn’t show any symptoms, which makes her effectively the oldest living person with this condition. However, Tiffany’s brother passed away at the age of 39, so the family is very concerned for her life.


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She suffers from tooth and hair loss, as well as heart problems. She is 4 ft 7 and weighs 57 pounds. But she does not despair. Tiffany practices yoga and tries to enjoy life despite the fact that she ages 8 times faster than others. Ms. Wedekind runs a cleaning company and candle-making business.

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I don't let my disease define me, that's not who I am – I just happen to have this, which makes me special in a way. When my brother died, it really opened my eyes to what the rest of my life could be like.

Tiffany’s parents are proud of her because they see how she tries to make the best of her life despite such serious health problems.


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Of course, you worry every day. A day doesn't go by that it doesn't cross my mind, but she has got the right attitude and doesn't let anything stop her.

Tiffany Wedekind’s attitude is immensely inspiring. Her story teaches us to never give up. Her confidence and strength deserve boundless respect!

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