Woman Suffering From Multiple Sclerosis Made A Unique Wedding Dress Out Of Toilet Paper

Date July 15, 2019 11:35

A masterpiece made of... toilet paper! Do you think it's even possible? Absolutely! Since 2005, there is a competition in the USA for the best dress of toilet paper. The contestants may use adhesive tape, glue, a needle, and thread. First, the best outfits are selected from photos submitted, and then the finalists appear before the judges live. There is a monetary prize for the first three places.

One of the past years’ winners, Amber Furrer, got carried away and transformed toilet paper into a wonderful wedding dress.

At the same time, the woman suffers from multiple sclerosis (a chronic autoimmune disease), so she took the participation and victory in the national competition as an opportunity to raise awareness about the community of such patients. A long preparation for the contest helped her to feel useful and to overcome depression associated with health problems.

The woman came up with an idea of how to turn rolls of toilet paper into a blended mass to produce an openwork bodice, made stencils, sewed ruffles for the skirt by hand, joining the paper with adhesive tape. In a word, an amazing fit of creativity!

Amber is happy that many people have seen her dress because this way she can inspire others and show the benefits of taking part in such lovely events. This is especially important for people like her suffering from a serious illness.

We are sure that you are also amazed by the talented woman and her creation. Share this post with your friends, let them rejoice for Amber too and wish her excellent health.