Nail Technician Joined A Client's Long Artificial Nails To Create An Unusual Manicure

Date July 15, 2019 12:09

The beauty industry doesn’t cease to amaze with the vastness of its creativity! For instance, Nail Sunny is a salon with a rather non-standard approach to manicures.

Its nail technicians’ ideas that are crazy at times landed the salon more than 2 million Instagram followers who wait in anticipation for every new design.

This time, the masters decided to join artificial nails on a client’s different hands. First, they made a manicure, then – a creative extension that attached the two fingers to each other. They then covered the nails with nude polish and sprinkled the end result with purple sparkles.

We would very much like to know if it was the salon or client’s idea.

The followers don’t understand how the girl could last even a day with such a manicure, because she is practically handcuffed. Looking at this design, many expressed general concern.


That would give me an anxiety attack lol


Why does this make me mad?🤦‍♀️


What happens when she needs to use the bathroom?


I can't even fathom how uncomfortable the model must have been until they removed them.

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